Thursday, 20 February 2014

Before we begin

It's 10 days before we set off towards Morocco. So far I've had the Freelander serviced and any belts that needed replacing have been and anything else that's a bit suspect looked at and replaced if necessary. Still need a 10 litre fuel can though and the tyre valve changed.

Tamsin has been busy checking and rechecking our itinerary and cross checking with the useful information that she received from Michelle (a friend of a an Ozy friend who's married to a Moroccan) regarding places to eat, places to visit and things to do.

We've printed out all documents that we think need which includes customs documents for the Freelander, all hotels/trips/pre booked events. I've also been busy putting in GPS co-ordinates for any hotels or meeting points that we need.

Our house sitters will be en route early next week and I need to make sure everything is ready for them.

With all this planning, what could possibly go wrong......

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